Visitor Services

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There are cafés in the halls and the various galleries. In Gallery 5 there is a small food plaza with a coffee stand, Pans & Company and as well as a large Iber self-service restaurant.

Information Counter
The Information Counter (tel.: +351 229 981 014 or +351 229 981 015) provides all the details about the fair/event itself.

Telecommunications Counter
Located in Gallery 5 (Tel: +351 229 981 901) this counter provides photocopy, telephone and fax services.

Exhibitor Support Centre - CAEX
The Exhibitor Support Centre (Centro de Apoio ao Expositor - CAEX) can be found in Galleries 4, 5 and 6; this is an area reserved for exhibitors where the several support services are concentrated. The Gallery 4 CAEX also has an area reserved for small meetings.

Exhibitor Shop
The Exhibitor Shop is located in Gallery 4 and has a show-room displaying the articles available for sale or rental to exhibitors, specifically furniture, carpets, audio-visual equipment and electrical material. The contacts for further information are: SERVEXPO - tel.: +351 22 998 1087, fax: +351 22 998 1482, e-mail:, site:

EXPONOR has 2,000 parking spaces spread over 5 parking lots including a multistory parking station. Access to the car parks is via Entrance A. It is also possible to park outside. However, when parking your car, ensure that you leave it in a place where parking is not prohibited and where is does not obstruct the traffic. Never park on the highway or its access roads.

Accommodation and Travel
There is a list of hotels that have preferential rates for visitors coming from outside Porto who wish to stay an extra day at the fair.

The Press Office (tel.: +351 229 981 007; e-mail: is in Gallery 6 and has a work area for journalists with a meeting room. PC with Internet access, photocopy machine, fax and telephones.

Medical Centre
Next to the auditorium there is a Medical Centre (Tel.: +351 229 981 931) managed by health professionals equipped to deal with basic care.