If you want to exhibit your products/services at EXPONOR trade fairs you find here all the necessary documents to enroll your company.

General Documentation
 Trade fairs and exhibitions geral rules and regulations 
In this document you find all the EXPONOR regulations concerning the participation in fairs and exhibitions.

Rules and regulations of participants
Application Forms

Applications Forms formalize your application and are mandatory. You should indicate the fair your are applying for in the matching field.

 BI 1 - General Application Form
Your company will be registered for an exhibition once you have filled this form and paid for your participation. In this form you must state the required space (in square meters) and the payment method.

 BI 2 - Catalogue Application Form
Completes your registration for the Exhition Official Catalogue. You must state the company name you want to appear in the catalogue, which may be different form the one in the invoice, and also the products categories you will exhibiting according to the fair's Product List.

 BI 3 - Technical Services and Standart-type Stand Application Form
Lists the materials and the stand layout to be used if you choose to use a standart-type stand for your company. Also lists the services and extras you want to use for you stand.

Exhibitor Services

Besides the basic services, EXPONOR provides several other extra services intended to improve your company presence at exhibitions.

Support Services
EXPONOR provides to its clients several support services to supply your company needs during an exhibition, such as recepcionism and catering.

 Support Services Guide
 Order Form A [ must be filled in to request support services ]

Advertising Services
EXPONOR provides several advertising solutions ideal to promote trade marks, produtcs or services during an exhibition.
EXPONOR reserves the right to approve the advertising contents (images and/or texts).

 Adverstising Services Guide
 Order Form B [ must be filled in to request advertising services ]

Technical Services
The SERVEXPO has an online store where you can place their orders for exhibition and quickly and easily.

In addition to the online store, SERVEXPO also has a physical store in the gallery 4 EXPONOR dedicated exclusively to exhibitors, where you can find a showroom of the various items available.

Technical Services Guide
Order Form C
[ must be filled in to request advertising services ]

Exhibition Documentation
Each exhibition has a specific Appendix and Product List, available at the exhibition website in Exhibitor > Documentation.

In the Appendix you will find all the information you need about the exhibition: participation prices, assembling and disassembling calendar and services prices.

The Product List has the product categories present in each exhibition and you must indicate the produtc codes your company will be showing when you fill Application Form 2.

To visit EXPONOR fairs websites you can use our exhibition calendar and follow the links for the exhitions you are interested on.